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1. Biomass Gasifier Systems for pumping requirements ( 5 hp to 10 hp)

2. Biomass Gasifier systems for Power Generation ( 3 KW to 500 kW)

3. Biomass Gasifier Systems for thermal applications ( 15,000 Kcal/hr to 1.25 million Kcal/hr output)

AG SERIES ( Non Rice Husk Feed etc.)
Feedstocks : for firewood, waste wood and other wood like feedstocks including coconut shells, corn (maize) cobs. Feedstocks like cotton stalks can be used in mixed mode (50:50 with wood). Specified sizing with moisture content less than 20% on wet basis.
Biomass Consumption : goes from 3 kg/hr. for the smallest gasifier to 500 kg/hr for the largest gasifier currently offered.
Thermal Rating : covers a range of 15,000 Kcal/hr. to 1.25 million Kcal/hr. (single unit basis).
Power Generation : Through dual-fueling of diesel engines (with replacement of diesel to the tune of 65-75%) in the output range of 3 kWe to 500 kWe (single unit basis).

FBG SERIES (Using : Rice husk, Saw-dust; Mustard stalks etc.)
Feedstocks : Fine biomass materials like rice husk, saw-dust; mustard stalks, soya dunnage and various other agricultural residues cut to required size (moisture content less than 20%).
Biomass Consumption : goes from 50 kg./hr. to 360 kg./hr. for the range of gasifiers offered.
Thermal Rating : Covers a range of 150,000 Kcal/hr. to 750,000 Kcal/hr. (single unit basis).
Power Generation : Through dual-fueling of diesel engines (with replacement of diesel to the tune of 65 to 75%) in the output range of 60 kWe to 300 kWe (single unit basis).

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