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Prestigious Installations

While Biomass Gasifiers have been installed at many places worldwide, we inform some of the prestigious installations that have been done by our team as a whole in India and the systems refered here also relate to that only:

1. More than 500 systems has been installed of 3 HP , 5 HP , 10 HP etc in rural areas for irrigational purposes.

2. More than 150 systems of 20 Kw have been installed of 20 HP for Direct Electric Generation

3. Installations of 100 Kw have been installed in more than 35 places and at the same time quite a few have been done in grid

4. Eight 500KW systems are running at different places in India.

5. 40 Kw Gasifier systmes is running successfully in Zimbabwe against a UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)

6. A major consortium project for development of 500 Kw gasifier system with part finance coming from PACER ( a program administered by USAID and India's ICICI), is also running successfully.

We have included visuals of various projects in this website: click
: Visuals/Photos
for more info on the systems.

West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA), Calcutta [India] has recently awarded the contract for Electrification of Chhotomollakhali Islands in the Sunderbans using biomass gasifier to our associates in India. This is the second such project with a power plant rating of 500 kW. The first trend-setting and ambitious project for Gosaba Island in the Sunderbans was commissioned for WBREDA by our associates in June, 1997. The projects are jointly funded by Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES), Government of India and WBREDA/State Government and implemented by WBREDA, the state nodal agency. The overall management at the local level is by a Rural Energy Co-operative specifically formed for the purpose. The project already has over 400 customers and there has been a strident demand for extension of services to other parts of the island. MNES has therefore sanctioned an additional feeder line which will allow the project to serve another couple of hundred customers.

The plant is being run and managed by two local youths employed for the purpose by the company. The co-operative is responsible for distribution of electricity, collection of tariffs as well as overall management of the power plant. The electricity is being supplied at the rate of Rs.4.75 per kWhr in a sustainable manner.

Encouraged by the unqualified success of the Gosaba project, the Chhotomollahkhali project has already been initiated and should be operative before end of Year 2000. WBREDA is also preparing ambitious plans for the entire Sunderbans area for extensive use of this environment-friendly and cost effective technology. Similar plans are also under formulation/implementation in various Northeastern States of the country where diesel based power generation is extensively practised.

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